What do Sasquatch and Women Have In Common?

What do Sasquatch and women have in common? Other than being bipedal, neither of them shave their legs during winter. Why is that? I can understand poor Sasquatch keeping the head-to-toe hair-parka in sub-zero temps – he lives in the great outdoors after all, but we don’t. Why do we insist on keeping our unsightly body-locks? Does it act like a thermal blanket and pit-mitts when the temperature drops?

I get it – shaving is time consuming, and why bother if you’re going to wear pants and long-sleeved sweaters from November to March. But that doesn’t mean we should let our inner porcupine takeover. I used to walk around all prickly, I figured I bagged me a mister – I don’t need to try so hard. Besides, I was a stay-at-home mom raising small kids and only had time for basic grooming. That was until my daughter drew me, leg stubble and all, on a Mother’s Day card. I booked a body wax the next day.

Thankfully, depilatory has come a long way and since then and I have permanently removed unwanted hair through painless laser treatments. Investing in myself has paid off huge dividends! I save time shaving every other day, I save on razors, and I save myself from a lot of embarrassment!

Thanks to Chi-Chi Laser Studios.