Essence – Immunity Blend


Curated with all of the essential oils known to detoxify and defend against seasonal allergens and disruption, the Immunity Blend is best for providing your immune system the support it needs! It is our strongest scented blend that is bold and ready to revitalize your senses. The Immunity Blend diffuser ring is infused with eucalyptus, bergamot, lemon, and cinnamon essential oils. Our cinnamon oil is mixed with carrier oils to ensure you get the benefits of cinnamon without irritation.

Not recommended for use by children under the age of 3

*ring is reusable up to 30 times, but only if the user adds their own drops of oil back to the sachet

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The Essence Essential Oil infused flexible medical-grade silicone Nasal Diffuser (or ring) is great for any situation. Place the ring around the septum of your nose, inhale deeply and enjoy the amazing smell of essential oils. It is compact, portable and nearly invisible when worn. Use while traveling, working out, doing yoga, working in hospitals, staying at a hotel or just relaxing at home. We offer pre-scented rings or an unscented ring that allows you to infuse the ring with any brand or scent of essential oils you wish. The ring comes in a resealable pouch that allows you to rescent the ring. Simply place the ring back in the pouch, add 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oil, let it resoak for at least 3 hours (overnight recommended) and reuse.