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Meet Barbara…Personal Stylist & Image Consultant

Follow her on instagram for incredible style tips and read below her personal testimonial about GLO Laser. She travels often so she needs to be bathing suit ready at all tmies – no razors for her.

“100% pain-free with amazing results! I’ve tried laser hair removal before and the pain and lack of results stopped me from continuing. But Gloria at Glo Laser assured me that this wouldn’t be the case with her and she was right.

So thrilled with seeing a great deal less hair after each shave and the fact that there’s absolutely no pain keeps me wanting to go back for the full course of treatments. Highly recommend!”

Personal Stylist & Image Consultant

Ripped jeans and sequins. Glam and edge. Stylist and Consultant. Yup. That pretty much sums me up. (Must be the Pisces in me!) Never just one thing, I thrive on being, doing and thinking multiple things at once. Just how my brain works I guess and how I’ve always lived my life.

I see that in my clients every day. Because we’re often more than one thing at a time, aren’t we? That translates into our style as well. I have yet to meet a woman who has just one style. Instead, each woman has a unique blend of different styles that exhibit themselves in different ways at different times.

My job is to recognize that unique blend in you, help bring it to the surface and have it translate into all areas of your life, so that you too can Live Your Life with Style. Every single day.


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