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Lisa Pisano is an Oakville based Lifestyle Coach and Yoga instructor.

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I know, I know…you read the title and were like “What?! That doesn’t sound like a new recipe!” lol
When I started this blog a few years ago, the intent was to share many different topics on this site, which include, but were not meant to be limited to recipes, nutritional tips as well as tips on fitness and everything yoga. I feel I haven’t been true to that for a long time now. This blog is a health and wellness site. I believe part of feeling healthy and “well” includes taking care of your body not only on the inside, but on the outside too! That means personal hygiene and maintenance folks so yes, I am going to talk to you about laser hair removal! Oh and be prepared to begin seeing more blogs from me again. My winter rut, writer’s block, whatever you want to call it, is over!

I started laser hair removal a few years back and have only ever had the Soprano system used on me so it’s the only one I can comment on. I don’t know what to compare it to but I have heard from many that it’s the best and I am happy with the results so I will continue to use the same system. When I moved to Oakville a couple of years ago, I had to change many of the service providers I used to use in the past because let’s face it…driving from Oakville to Woodbridge, although a nice drive, isn’t a short one. Finding someone I could trust to continue with my laser hair removal wasn’t going to be easy.

Enter…Gloria, owner of Chi Chi Laser Studios. I met Gloria last Spring at a women’s networking event and we connected instantly. It didn’t take long for me to visit her studio, which is located in the Upper Oakville Shopping Centre, and begin treatments using the SopranoXL laser hair removal system. I have been going to her for a year now and can’t speak highly enough about the service I receive every single time I visit, whether it be from Gloria or her laser technician, Dorota. Great service, great prices and great conversations while getting pampered!! What more can one ask for?
If you’re looking to make the switch from painful waxing or time consuming shaving, or if you’re interested in other great services such as skin tightening or eyelash extensions, look no further.

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Lisa Pisano
Lifestyle Coach