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Laser hair removal with proven results
Our painless laser hair removal will give you smooth, hairless skin—and we’ll ensure you get the best and quickest results possible.

Your GLO Laser treatment

What you can expect

We’ll tailor your treatments based on your hair type and skin type.

Our state-of-the-art, medical-grade, government-approved Soprano® XL Lasers target the pigment in your skin and deliver heat to the hair shaft and roots— destroying the hair follicles, so hair can’t regrow in the treated area. And, at the same time, the laser protects your skin, so you’ll feel comfortable during the process.

You can expect lasered hair to shed within approximately 7 to 14 days following your treatment, and we recommend you schedule your next treatment 6 to 10 weeks out from your previous treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

Many factors, such as your skin and hair types, age, ethnicity, and hormones, contribute to how many treatments you’ll require, but generally, smooth, hairless skin is achievable in 8 to 12 treatments.


Love the results

It's painless. Contact us, and we’ll schedule your complimentary appointment with one of our clinical specialists who will assess your treatment area(s) and explain the details of what you can expect. We’ll also let you know about our pre-treatment protocols, answer any questions you have, and perform a patch test if needed.


Pre-treatment protocol

Stop plucking and waxing, start shaving or snipping

Arrive at your appointment with the area to be lasered clean-shaven, or well snipped. Remember, the laser works by targeting the roots of the hair, so you should stop plucking or waxing a minimum of four to six weeks before your appointment and shave or snip instead.

Stop bleaching

Because laser hair removal targets the pigment in your skin, stop bleaching your hair six weeks before your treatment.

Avoid the sun

To avoid skin discoloration, keep the area being lasered out of the sun (this includes self-tanning lotions and tanning beds) two weeks before your treatment and cover the area treated with sunscreen after your treatment if you’re in the sun.


Some medications can make your laser treatment less effective. Let us know of any medications you take so that we can make the adjustments needed to ensure the best possible results.


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