Laser Hair Removal from a Man’s Perspective

I am male in my mid-40s and have been shaving since I was in my 20s. Shaving was laborious and the results very short lived, with stubble growing back within a day or two, so it was very hard to maintain a clean hair-free look. I then discovered home hair removal systems and tried that for a year and I had almost no results. It was also very laborious with each session taking hours. The cartridges were also very expensive and did not last very long.

Finally, I discovered Chi-Chi Laser Studio located in the Greater Toronto Area and could not be happier. The procedure is pain-free and results have been amazing. I purchased an 8-package session and I have now completed 4 sessions and the results are very noticeable.

In addition to it working the staff is amazing. They are professional, pleasant, and always make you feel comfortable and confident. I was so pleased and impressed that my wife is also now a client and she is also thrilled. She started her removal using a different technology and that technology was very painful. She also confirms that the technology that Chi-Chi uses works and is pain free.

We are now both thrilled and could not be happier. In short, if you are looking for hair-removal I would wholeheartedly recommend Chi-Chi Laser Studio. The people are awesome, the technology works, and it is pain-free.

Lastly, they often have special offers that make Chi-Chi Laser Studio less expensive than anywhere I have ever seen making it, in my mind, the best option for laser hair removal in the GTA.