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Never Shave Again?!

hairy legs

If you give a care about having less hair, please allow me to wax poetically about the pros and cons of laser hair removal. First, I should tell you that this post is not sponsored. I paid for this experience with my own dollhairs. I actually got a package deal on sale on Black Friday—a friend sang the praises of this particular laser salon, Chi-Chi Laser Studios, so when I saw the deal pop up, I grabbed it.

If you’re considering laser hair removal you could do your own research on the subject or simply read this post to ‘shave off’ some time. (Sorry, but c’mon… so many puns.).

I’m not particularly hairy, and even so, I rarely parade around in a bathing suit, so why would I even consider getting lasered? Let me enlighten you. Be warned, there are some TMI bits ahead, so if you’re a dude or god forbid my dad, stop reading here ~~> ! Wait, scratch that bit about the dudes. Super hairy guys, absolutely read on. Men can (and many SHOULD) look into this. If there is no distinguishing line between the back of your head and your lower back, definitely keep reading.

I have never waxed (minus the time I spilled hot candle wax on my foot). However, I have been sugared, which is not as sweet as it sounds. It’s essentially the same as waxing, but what it lacks in heat, it makes up for in gooey excruciating pain. Plus like waxing, it doesn’t last long. It’s all ‘sugar, scream, sprout, repeat…’ So to keep things under control, I shave every second day-ish.

Now, if you want to train your armpit hair to cascade down your sides or let your lady garden flourish, go for it. No judgement here. I grew up in the 1980s and perhaps as a way to set ourselves apart from the bushy generation before us, the 80s were quite anti body hair. Bald was beautiful, especially below the belt. Wait, not Kim Kardashian bald. Just more, “neatly groomed.” While we’re on the subject, what’s the difference between the amount of hair removed? Basically…

Bikini—any hair that would show beyond the lines of your bikini bottom are zapped.

This photo *may* have been doctored ever so slightly.

Brazilian—same as the bikini situation, but the hair under your bikini bottom to some extent (that’s up to you), is also removed right around to the back, leaving only a strip of hair in the front—the width depends on your preference and is sometimes referred to as a “landing strip.”

Bald—think, “bald as a baby’s bottom.” Thanks to the Kardashians, this has become a trend. I won’t judge but… it’s permanent folks + bald at 70 + ew

Why would I do this now? Two reasons:

1. Bumps! I have very sensitive skin. Within an hour of shaving, any part of my underarm in contact with the seam of my shirt becomes red, raised and sore. The same goes for my bikini line area, but worse. And it’s especially bad during hot weather or when I swim. The chafing, my god, the chafing. So no hair there means a smooth, happy me.

2. If not now, then never. The laser detects pigment, zapping darkish hair follicles to oblivion. If you are fair or going grey, you’re out of luck since light coloured hairs are stealth little buggars that are essentially invisible to the laser. A few months ago I noticed two stray white hairs under my left arm. After I screamed, I decided to get this done before it’s too late for me in my advancing age.

soprano xl laser
Watch how it works here!

What does laser treatment involve exactly? 

Depending on the laser studio you choose—they are NOT all created equal—it’s easy, quick and painless. Shave the night before your treatment. Do not wear deodorant or skin creams of any kind. The process takes only minutes. It really is painless and the best part, the results are amazing.

Pros and Cons… 

Con: Pride. Most of us blush at the idea of being all, you know, exposed. Some of us are shy that way.

Pro: It’s done very discreetly. You’re covered by a gown—you’re exposed no more than you would be at the beach. Well, at the beach lying on the sand with your legs spread apart. Haha. And for those considering a Brazilian, I asked a friend who had it done and she confirmed that you’re not on your hands and knees which is what I assumed happened. You’re in fact, lying on your side with your pride fully intact.

Con: Pain. It’s true, some laser treatments hurt like a son of a…

Pro: Not to split hairs, but it’s all about the kind of laser. The Soprano XL machine is magical. Your technician waves the wand over the area and after a few passes, the skin begins to heat up. When it gets to the point of discomfort, it’s over. The first treatment is admittedly uncomfortable, but manageable, but subsequent treatments (as only the fine hairs remain) are completely painless.

Con: Cost. This the only negative for me and it’s the one aspect keeping me from doing my legs at the moment.

Pro: Promotions! They come up often and make laser more affordable. Chi-chi has monthly specials, so keep your eye on their website for updates. For month of April they’re offering this special…
If you’re on the fence, you can try it out for FREE. 
Click the link below for details.
*Warning: once you try it, you’ll be hooked. So take advantage of the promotions. 🙂Since I promised to wax, er laser, poetically, 
I’ll just leave this “Hairless Haiku” right here.


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