Chi-Chi Tops in Oakville!

Chi-Chi Laser Studios (Shee-Shee) made this years Top Picks in the Oakville Readers Choice Award !!  I am honoured and at the same time humbled, I thank my clients for their continuous support over the years. When I opened my business 5 years ago…I didn’t really have a complete vision of where I wanted to take Chi-Chi, but it’s become overtly obvious over the years that contrary to Harvard business school and what you read from many highly paid business consultants – a genuine focus on  true customer service has been the real driver of my success. I have grown to understand that I love my clients and what I do. I’m ecstatic that I…a mother, a wife, etc (the list goes on – LOL) have won this award – as an entrepreneur it’s very difficult to balance life – but I’m so happy that I have turned a starter home based business into a successful company that is now a household name in Oakville, Halton & surrounding GTA – many clients confidently refer their friends and family to Chi-Chi Laser Studios – Your Support is greatly appreciated!

I invite anyone who hasn’t experienced the Chi-Chi model to come in and be serviced to death…Painlessly – and discover that our motto  “enjoy the experience…love the results” is more than just a tag line. We offer great promotions monthly and pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service and the most advance laser technology available – Full Stop! I don’t bother trying to compete with the animal factory farming Grouponesque daily dealers – when you’re discounting 70 to 80 % and giving Groupon 50% of what’s left, it’s not hard to understand why that model is completely unsustainable.  Now the brand or type of laser equipment is very important, but what may perhaps be more important is how you service that piece of equipment – for example if the calibration of your handset is just slightly off  and replacement is recommended the client will get terrible results. BTW, we’ve replaced handsets recently and that’s an $18K effort per handset (the laser unit itself is 5x that)  can you see daily dippers making that kind of investment into their equipment on a regular basis’ – It  wouldn’t be a wildly remote possibility to say that many unscrupulous clinics and spas would be using cheaper, or poorly calibrated equipment.

Laser Hair Removal is not a service you want to buy on a deal of the day site – I love that my clients many of them medical doctors and professionals have educated themselves and understand that their are different types of lasers out there and they specifically Google our laser (Soprano XL) and specifically ask for calibration reports – Love it! Please educate yourselves before buying online – Chi-Chi Laser Studios offers a complimentary consultation appointment, along with a complimentary underarm session – I want every new client to ask the questions that they need to allow them to feel at ease and to try our laser – to understand that 1 it truly is Painless and 2 that it will work for them – everyone is different and will react to laser differently – that’s why we offer a free session – on us! It’s by far the best value on the market.


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