No time for that

Meet Barbara…Personal Stylist & Image Consultant Follow her on instagram for incredible style tips and read below her personal testimonial about GLO Laser. She travels often so she needs to be bathing suit ready at all tmies – no razors … Read More

Thrilled With The Results

I’m thrilled with the results of Chi Chi laser technique so far. I’m doing my arms, full legs, underarms and Brazilian and amazed at the results. Gloria knows what’s she doing and I have the hairless body to prove it. … Read More

A Great Testimonial

I come from a long line of hairy Italian women, and next to the invention of the straightening iron, the Soprano XL laser hair removal system deserves a Nobel Peace Prize! I was apprehensive to try Chi-Chi’s “PAINLESS” system after … Read More

Chi-Chi Tops in Oakville!

Chi-Chi Laser Studios (Shee-Shee) made this years Top Picks in the Oakville Readers Choice Award !!  I am honoured and at the same time humbled, I thank my clients for their continuous support over the years. When I opened my business … Read More

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